PVSES Services

Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service is an advanced treatment facility with fully sustainable departments offering everything from diagnostics to emergency and critical care. Our patients are treated within our facility by board-certified specialists with the latest technology and education in their respective fields.

  • Critical Care
    If your pet should become injured, or suddenly develop an acute, life threatening illness he or she will need prompt, emergency intervention.
  • Internal Medicine
    Internal medicine specialists help your regular veterinarian make challenging diagnoses, and treat patients with serious medical problems
  • Cardiology
    Cardiology specialists diagnose and manage patients with congenital and acquired heart disease. Evaluation using echocardiograms and ECG monitoring is an important component of this specialty.
  • Surgery
    Not only do we have the advantage of highly trained surgeons striving to provide the best possible surgical procedures, but also the benefit of intensive anesthesia monitoring.
  • Radiology
    Our radiology specialists work closely with your doctor to perform supportive diagnostic services as well as minimally invasive aspirates and biopsies.